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After extensive research on hard-water stain cleaners and realizing the frustration of dealing with ineffective products, we set out to make a difference.

Introducing the Supadoopa Stain Remover! Our formula, carefully crafted from the ground up, stands out as one of the most efficient solutions on the market for tackling calcium hard water stains. Discover a product that combines low competition with high traffic for truly effective stain removal.

Supadoopa Tips & Tricks

We would suggest that you buy and use this product from Supercheap Auto….it is like a Teflon coating for your glass and tiles and will cut your cleaning time by 80%….just spray it on your dry, cleaned glass and wipe into the glass/tiles with a cloth or paper….allow to cure for 8 hours. You will find it is hydrophobic….it will repel water and soap scum….then after a shower, wipe off any remaining water droplets with a good quality squeegee and you will find that your glass/tiles will remain much cleaner for much longer….when it comes time to clean your glass….fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and spray on the glass, allow it to remain on your glass for as long as is practicable….then wash off with a damp cloth and squeegee…..you will find that the acetic acid in the vinegar will dissolve any buildup of mineral deposits on your screen…remember that prevention is much better than cure….

Ready. Set. Go!

Say goodbye to stained shower glass and toilets with Supadoopa.